Dr. med Golo Roehrken


Training and competitive sports have helped me get more out of life.... 



Seit meiner Teenager Zeit bin ich Triathlet und konnte mich dreimalig für den Ironman auf Hawaii qualifizieren, wo ich 2018 unter 9h blieb, und mir so einen Lebenstraum erfüllt habe.

But that was not always the case ...

Until the 9th grade I was absolutely unathletic, unfocused, super bad at school and had no desire to do ANYTHING except "gamble".

I then swapped computers for mountain bikes, intensively studied the topic of training and performance and turned my life around 180°: from unathletic to Ironman in 2 years.

Through the training, I became cognitively stronger, wrote better grades and was able to study medicine.


In 2015, I burned out dramatically....

In 2015 I burned out dramatically in Ironman and then, for health reasons, could not do any sports for more than 3 months and could not compete for more than 1.5 years.
I was in total over-training and burn-out.

I was not well at all during that time, both physically and mentally.

But I also discovered another method for myself to move forward in the long term, holistically.

What does it mean: For me, holistic means to have more energy and performance in everyday life as well as in sports. Integrating the right individual methods to enrich his entire life. I see athletic performance, profession and everyday life here not as separate, but complementary parts to be "ambitious" satisfied and healthy in the long term.



short Facts:

👨🏽‍⚕️ Doc (Dr. med.)

🧬 Exercise Scientist (Master of Science)

🚀 Rocket Racing founded

🌺 9 Ironman gefinisht, 2x sub 9h, 3 x Hawaii WM

🏠 Lives with his girlfriend Kimi and Wilma 🐕 in Hamburg

No Pain more gain?

What was wrong?

I had only focused on my training plan before the overtraining. I had compulsively tried to "work off" sessions and somehow fit them in. I was often very tired in my everyday life and had various health problems. Despite stress, poor nutrition and obsessive ego-driven mindset, I always trained voluminously and super hard.

I didn't question my view because I always thought I had to train and act that way to reach my full potential.  

But that was dramatically wrong!

I got at the end of 2014 hormonal problems, I had incredibly high heart rate values during loose training, I slept less and less well, and my Mind was passive aggressive throughout to my family and friends.

But to be honest, it wasn't until my performance completely fell away that I questioned my approach.



What my coachees say:

"I have been with Rocket Racing and Golo since the beginning of 2018. In that time, I have been able to continuously improve in all disciplines through structured training. In regular calls, we athletes can exchange ideas with each other and with the coaches, as well as place our questions. The holistic preparation for competitions is not only limited to the reeling off of training units, but also considers fueling, pacing as well as mental aspects. Thanks Golo, looking forward to my long distance comeback in 2022." Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Marcel R.

„Just amazed by my progress over the last couple of months, thanks mate.“ 


Tom Osterdijk

"I never thought I would stay below 8:30 in my first Ironman. Thanks for the support and preparation Golo."

Lars Wichert

"I have been training with Rocket Racing since 2018 and have continued to improve in all areas through structured coaching with Golo.

Golo combines theory and practice through his expertise in sports science and medicine as well as his own experience as an athlete. The rule here is quality over quantity."
Cliff B.

What my customers say:

"Individual, targeted coaching, super cooperation and top overall package!"

Sascha Müller

What can I expect in coaching?

You work intensively on your individual weaknesses and strengths and improve yourself in the long term. We analyze you and show you your individual strategy and what potential you have, or what goals you can realistically achieve. You will get to know your body and important tools from sports science and medicine. We work on your training, your nutrition and your mindset to bring you holistically to a new athlete level. 

What does coaching cost with you, or with Rocket Racing?

Coaching is an exclusive, individual package. There are different prices depending on the coaching. Simply arrange a non-binding meeting to get to know each other (click here). and let's find out together.

What successes can your athletes boast?
We have and had the privilege to work with some very good amateur and professional athletes.
Among others: 
Philipp Herber (2014 – today)
Industrial Engineer | Construction Manager
- World record for amateurs in 8:19h at Ironman Copenhagen
- 11th place amateur overall Ironman Hawaii (1st German)
Leonie Konczalla (2014 – today)
Doctor, scientist, tri-pro
-4th place Ironman Hamburg pro (9:07h)
-1st Bonn Triathlon (Pros)
- 1st Ostseeman (pros)
- Victory in various 2nd Bundesliga races
Tom Oosterdijk (2018 – 2019)
Law student, Tri-Pro
- 2nd Ironman Ireland (Pro, 8:12h, 3rd Ironman) 
 Lars Wichert (2021 – today)
Rowing olympian + world champion | student | sports soldier
Fastest Amateur Ironman 2021 in 8:12h 
Tine Lavrencic (since 2021)
2. Place Ironman Nice in 9:02h with 2:50h Marathon Split. 
Nils Weyhe (2014 – 2019)
Project Manager 
- Hamburg long distance champion (9:06h at the first Ironman)
Niklas Ludwig (2019 – 2021)
Student, next: Tri-Pro
- Ironman @home in 9:13h (18th birthday + first Ironman)
When does coaching not make sense?

You are stagnating, but don't want to change anything. You are not open and transparent about your goals with your coach and the community. If you are looking for a quick "fix" without sustainable and long-term change, it will be difficult for us to come together. 

Zum Athleten werden

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